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Glow Galaxy Party Packages

Glow Galaxy offers two party packages, each available in a 2 hour or 90 minute duration. All of our party packages are designed so that all you need to do is send out the invitations and show up at Glow Galaxy for your party time. Of course, if you prefer to be more involved, our Glow Galaxy Party Pros will be able to assist you in achieving the perfect party. Each party package includes 13 children (12 guests, 1 birthday child); additionally there can be up to 2 siblings of the birthday child who are not counted as guests.

Party Packages are described in the frame to the right. Additional guests can be added to the Party Packages as shown below.
Two hour parties include 75 minutes of play time and 45 minutes of party room time. Ninety minute parties, which are available Monday through Thursday, include one hour play time and 30 minutes of party room.
Every Glow Galaxy party comes with a dedicated Party Pro in addition to the other Glow Galaxy staff members. Our Party Pros are one of the things that set Glow Galaxy parties apart. All of our Party Pros have been highly rated by our customers for their interaction with the parties and service in the party rooms.

Glow Galaxy party packages for Friday/Saturday/Sunday parties are as follows:

Weekend Package Package Price Additional Guests
A - 2 Hours $240 $12
E - 2 Hours $285 $16

Glow Galaxy party packages for weekday (Monday to Thursday) parties are as follows:

Package Package Price Additional Guests
A - 2 Hours $230 $12
E - 2 Hours $275 $16
The following packages are available Monday through Thursday:
A - 90 Min. $200 $10
E - 90 Min. $245 $14
To book a party using our online booking tool click here.

Team Parties/Church Groups/Other

Glow Galaxy also does parties for Sports teams, churchs, and other non-birthday events. Please call 615-370-4231 or fill out the 'Request a Date' form to discuss your event. Pricing for these events will customized based upon your needs.

Party packages include
     13 children (12 guests, 1 birthday child);
     plus up to 2 siblings of 1 birthday child.
     A reservation requires $75 deposit.

Package A (Almost Everything) includes:
     - Invitations
     - Glow bracelets for all party kids
     - A neon Tie Dyed T-shirt for the birthday child
       (glows under black light)
     - Crown or Tiara for the birthday child
     - A Gift for the birthday child
     - Drinks
     - Candles
     - Party Plates, Cups, Napkins, and Forks
     - Thanks you cards
     - And an amazing Glow Galaxy Party Pro!

Package E (Everything but the Guests) includes:
     - Everything in Package A
     - Pizza
     - Goody Bags

Other Options:
     - Pizza=$13.50
     - Veggie Tray = $20.00
     - Fruit Tray = $25.00
     - Goody Bags = $2.50
     - cake = $30

Party notes:
     Reservation requires $75 deposit.
     No outside food or drinks except: Birthday Cake and ice cream cups.
     Socks are required to play.