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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Glow Galaxy is only open for walk-in play during scheduled Open Play times. All other times require a reservation (party or event). During parties, we have a max of two parties in our play area. Parties are matched up by the age of the birthday kids so that there is not too big an age gap between groups.

Children must be 2 to play on inflatables; we do not charge for children under 2 or count them as party guests. There is no upper age limit, although inflatables have a 225 lb per person weight limit.

There are 8 items in a goody bag: Flying Fist, Folding Fan, Parachute Alien, Popper, Tattoo, Candy Bracelet, spinning top, and Sticky Wall Dart. (Items may vary based upon availability with existing supply chain issues)

Adults are not counted as party guests. Pizza included with the party package is provided for the number of children in the party. Additional pizza for adults can be ordered at the beginning of your party

It is ok to bring your own cake or ice cream cups for the party, but we do not allow other food or drinks to be brought into Glow Galaxy. Drinks for kids are included with every party package. In addition to the children's drinks, we provide chilled water with every party; adult drinks (can of soda or bottled water) can be purchased for $1.00.

Glow Galaxy does not have set hours; most of our time is set aside for parties or large private groups. We do accept reservations for parties/events seven days a week. We also post Open Play times, when applicable, on the website under "Open Play." Please note that some search results and Google page for Glow galaxy show hours such as "Open today 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM", but those hours did not come from Glow Galaxy and are not correct.

No, any deposit paid for a party is deducted from the cost of the party. So for a typical party, the balance due at the party will be the party cost plus sales tax minus the $75 deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. If booked more than 2 weeks in advance of the party date, the deposit is refundable for 24 hours after booking.

There are a few ways to book a party: Online - click on the flashing icon that says "click here to book a party" in the upper right corner of any page or follow the link on the "Request a Date" page; Over the phone - call us at 770-368-3006; In person - you can also come into Glow Galaxy to make a reservation, but you should ALWAYS call ahead to make sure someone will be at Glow Galaxy unless you are coming during a posted Open Play time.

In most cases, the party room is not available for setup prior to the party. Two-hour parties consist of 75 minutes in the play area, which comes first, followed by 45 minutes in the party room. We provide a cart for any items to go to the party room. We have staff who clean and set up the party room between parties. They can set the room up for you or come get you approximately 15 minutes before your party goes into the party room for party room setup.