Glow in the Dark Games Collection

Glow Galaxy, Norcross, has an amazing glow-in-the-dark play area featuring a variety of play activities. All of our games are designed for the glow-in-the-dark environment; we have the world's only glow-in-the-dark inflatables. We offer a variety of activities to keep the party fun and interesting throughout your playtime.

Glow Galaxy features the world's only Glow in the Dark inflatables. There are six inflatables in our play area: a giant two-lane slide, two 50' long two-lane obstacle courses, a bounce house, an obstacle course/tunnel/slide combo, and our air cannon shootout game.

Mini Golf
Glow Galaxy features a nine-hole Glow in the Dark miniature golf course.

Sports Court
Our multi-sport sports court is 45'x25'netted in space. The sports court features two full-size adjustable-height basketball hoops, soccer nets, and Glow in the Dark basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls.

Other Games
Glow Galaxy also offers a three-hoop basketball pop-a-shot game.

Open Space
In addition to the games and activities listed above, kids love to play classic games like hide ‘n seek, tag, and others when they’ve got all their friends in one spot. Our party pros are experts in a variety of these games and a couple of Glow Galaxy specials. Both arenas offer open space for games of tag, hide, and seek, etc.